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If you would like to partner with me financially, please select an account below to make a donation:

Support Account

This goes into my support account, which helps SIM subsidize the costs of my housing, medical care, and other basic expenses now that I am retired. I receive Social Security, and SIM reimburses me for about 95% of my Medicare B premium and covers 86% of my monthly maintenance fee here in the retirement village.

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Ministry Account

This goes into my ministry account, which I can use at my discretion (within mission policy) to pay for ministry expenses such as transport to and from Addis Ababa to work with the Kafa translation team, supplies and equipment for the translation and literacy work, contributions to the cost of Christian radio broadcasts in the Gurage language, and communication with supporting churches and individuals.

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Kafa Linguistics Project Account

This goes directly into the Kafa Linguistics Project account to be used for translators’ wages, travel expenses, publishing costs, supplies, equipment, and other project costs. The funds for publishing the Kafa Bible will come from this account.

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Gurage Radio Project Account

This goes directly into the Radio Ministry Project for SIM Ethiopia. Evangelistic programs are aired three times per week in the Gurage language, and God has used these to bring many to faith in Christ. Even those who would not think of attending a church or welcoming an evangelist will listen to these programs just because they want to hear their heart language over the air waves! Be sure to add a note that you’d like to designate your gift to the Gurage Radio Ministry.

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