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Safely in Addis Ababa

I arrived safely in Addis Ababa the evening of July 8th. My 30-day visa expires July 25th, so we will be applying for an extension tomorrow. We are trusting God that another 30 days will be granted.

We have completed the consultant check of Kafa Song of Solomon – praise the Lord! We are working on checking Kafa Jeremiah now. Please pray for wisdom, health, and perseverance for the whole team: Matt, Teka, Fekadu, and Carolyn.

I plan to attend the conference and dedication of the Banna New Testaments the weekend of August 7-9. Please pray for God’s blessing and that the Banna believers will be eager to read God’s Word in their heart language.

My access to the Internet is quite limited, so please forgive me if I don’t communicate very much on an individual level.

Thank you for your partnership by prayer. God is faithful!

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June 2015 Prayer Letter

Because God has exalted His name and His word above all things, He brought the Banna New Testaments safely to Djibouti March 31st. SIM Support Services informed me in April that they were in the process of paying the customs (about $1800 US). Since then, there has been no response to my inquiries. I infer that the New Testaments are still at the dry port inside Ethiopia. We will doubtless be charged for storage. Please pray with me that the process will be completed soon. Pray that the New Testaments will reach the Banna people in excellent condition and be received and read with eagerness. The dedication is still planned for August 8th…read more.

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